Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems For Residential Usage

Nearly every house and building in Utah has got their own air conditioning system. As the temperature rises every summer, the need for air conditioners also rises. There are a lot of services related to air conditioning in Utah which can help you with choosing the right air conditioner along with providing installation services.

The following are the different types of air conditioners that you can avail for residential houses and buildings.

  • Portable air conditioners – These are considered to be the successor or the next generation of window air conditioners. These are compact, versatile, and efficient and can be easily installed. In order to cool your room, they suck in the air from your room, cool it properly and then push it out in your room to cool it. The heat created during the process is disposed of using a hose that goes out of the window. They are suitable to cool down single rooms.
  • Window AC – These are the most affordable and popularly found air conditioners across the world. They are affordable, easy to install and are usually very power efficient. These are installed on windows, and its back side pumps out the warm air from your house. The compressor cools the air from outside and sends it into your room.
  • Split air conditioners – These types of air conditioners don’t have any ducts and are very efficient in cooling a large area. They make use of an external condenser system and multiple units can be connected with one condenser system depending upon its size. It is very efficient and provides faster cooling of your room.